Working from home!

After this last year, many of us will now be pros at working from home but how can you keep yourself motivated whilst surrounded by your home comforts? Now we’re on the home straight (hopefully!), many companies will be getting ready to welcome employees back into the office and you need to make sure you’re ready!

Here’s just a few ideas to keep working from home productive, but also slowly easing you back into office work life…..

– Have a designated work space
If you’re lucky enough to have a home office, make sure you work in that designated space. If not, set yourself up in a spare bedroom or room you don’t use often – try and keep your ‘work space’ and ‘home space’ separate so that when you finish your work for the day, you can fully switch off and use your ‘home space’ for relaxation and wind down time.

– Keep to the same hours you would if you were in the office
You could be going back to the office soon so you need to make sure your body is ready to go back to your work schedule. Don’t lie in till 5 minutes before you have to work if you usually have a 30 minute commute – get up at the same time and use that extra time for a cup of tea or exercise. On the other hand, don’t work into the evening or on weekends if you wouldn’t normally!

– Wear clothes
Let’s be honest, we’ve all done Zoom calls in our pyjamas right?! Don’t lie… on the top, pjs on the bottom – we’ve all been there!! But one way to really focus yourself and your mind on work is to wear proper clothes! It will instantly wake you up and get you ready for the day ahead.

– Plan out your day and work load
Don’t overwhelm yourself with work. Write down everything you need to get done that day and block out time slots to get it done in. Break everything up into small tasks – now I know this doesn’t always pan out as planned, but it will give you some structure to your day. Oh, and don’t forget to block out that lunch break!

– Drink & Move!
Keep hydrated throughout the day. It’s so easy to just sit down at your computer and not move for the day, but make sure you’re getting up for a drink of water often, which in turn will stretch your legs and get you moving.

– Eliminate as many distractions as you can
You wouldn’t have too many distractions at the office, so why have them at home? Turn off the TV, organise childcare, put your phone out of reach and give yourself that working space – you’ll be amazed at how much more productive you are!

– Check in on others
You don’t know how your colleagues are finding working from home so make sure you check in on them regularly. You might not be able to see them in person, but they’re only a Zoom call away!

So, let me know…. do you prefer working from home or can you just not wait to be back in the office?

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