The Day My Notebooks Arrived!

We all know that feeling when you receive a package through the post. The excitement to see what’s inside, even though nine times out of ten, you already know!

But the feeling you get when you know that inside that package is your first purchase for your new brand……..that really is something extra special!

When planning this website, I wanted to ensure that all the photos were real, genuine pictures of me and my work. This got me thinking ‘why don’t I order some notebooks with logos on to use in the photographs?’……so I did!

After spending weeks designing and tweaking the logos, getting feedback from family & friends, then changing them all over again when my brand changed slightly, it was a great feeling to have created and finalised my four logos for the business – you can see these dotted around the website and across my social media.

Off I popped to the Vistaprint website and ordered four notebooks, each one with a different logo on to get me started. They arrived TODAY! I’m in love with them and to see my hard work and finalised logos on physical items that I can hold, makes this journey seem so real and exciting!

Keep a look out around the website for these notebooks popping up and who knows…..maybe one day they could be Keri Louise merch!


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